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About Shyam

Shyam Nair was born in a village called Methukummal, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India in 1971. His parents were highly educated as well has had deep interests in ancient Vedic philosophies. Both his parents had learned the basics of Vedic astrology. Shyam’s maternal grandfather, Brahma Sree Madhavan Pilla Swami was a well-known saint in and around Thiruvananthapuram. In 1983, an astrologer of reputed fame visited Shyam’s house. As a 12-year-old boy, he was curious as to what the astrologer is going to do. He was amazed by some of the predictions made by the astrologer and many of them turned out to be true. This kindled the curiosity of Shyam Nair and he picked and started learning about astrology. He started collecting the birth details of all his members and manually calculated their horoscope at the age of 12. He made several predictions for his family members, however, no one took him to be a serious astrologer. However in 1986, when his uncle got a transfer letter, as predicted by Shyam, everyone was surprised. That was the beginning of Shyam’s life as an astrologer. Since then he was learning, researching, and practicing Vedic astrology. He uses his knowledge to help people in their life.


Apart from Astrology, Shyam completed his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical engineering from the College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram. He attended the University of Washington, Seattle for his MBA and has worked with various fortune 500 companies and is currently working as a senior executive in a tech company.

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