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What Is Vedic Astrology?

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Vedic astrology is one of the branches of ancient Vedic wisdom. Together with Ayurveda, Vasstu, and Yoga, Astrology forms one of the key pillars of Vedic knowledge. While other branches deal with health (Ayurveda), Vastu (Science of the earth) and Yoga (art and science of managing oneself), Jyotish (Science of time or Vedic astrology in Sanskrit) help us to understand the impact of the universe on us and help improve our life. Sage Parashara is considered to be the father of Vedic Astrology, who wrote the book Hora Sastra (Hora means time and Sastra means science)


Using Vedic astrology principles, one can maximize the opportunities life presents to him/her. In essence, Jyotish is similar to visiting a doctor. The doctor can look at your health records, blood work etc and tell you how to remain healthy. Similarly, a Jyothishi (Vedic astrologer) can analyze horoscopes and help you manage around various events that are happening in your life.

Notable Predictions

Here are a couple of Shyam's noteworthy predictions.


Meet Shyam

Shyam is a Vedic astrologer with more than 35 years of experience in Vedic astrology. Shyam believes Vedic astrology can be used to improve one’s life. He shares his knowledge through teaching and consulting.

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Donald Trump Election - Prediction in Feb 2016 and Happened in Nov 2016
Originally published on the facebook page on Feb 27, 2016

Looks like Trump is going to win Republican nomination based on Vedic astrology. Between Ted Cruze, Rubio, and Trump, Trump has one of the best horoscopes. He has Leo Ascendant rising with Rahu and Sun in the 10th. This combination can bring forward a King who is very much focused on doing what he thinks is right. This combination is also influenced by Jupiter from the Second house, giving it further power. Trump will run the Jupiter period from 11/2016 onward and if anything his fortunes will continue to rise. Mars in ascendant provides Trump with the ability to push through obstacles with immense power. He is a force to reckon with even in the General Elections based on the good periods he is running.

Narendra Modi Re-Election. Predicted in Nov 2016 and happened in April 2019
Originally published on the facebook page on Nov 19, 2016

Given the demonetization and subsequent dramatization in the media, let us look at Prime Minister Modi's horoscope. Based on the time available on the internet, he was born on Sep 17, 1950, at 11 AM. Based on his birth chart, he has Mars and Moon in the ascendant in Scorpio. Mars provides him with the courage and the 9th lord Moon provides him with the integrity or sense of duty (Dharma). He has Venus and Saturn in the 10th. This makes him a Charismatic leader and liked by People. Jupiter's aspect from the 4th house gives him the balance of judgment as Jupiter is the 5th lord. He has Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the 11th house, making him very fortunate as well as good at financial matters. Rahu in the 5th house gives him the ability to think deeply and the ability to sense others' intentions.
He is currently running Moon-Saturn. His Moon period will continue until 2021 and followed by Mars. If anything Modi will continue to rule strongly and his position will get consolidated even further. It is highly likely that he will win a second term.

I have used Shyam Nair's services, both personally and in my business for the past several years and have found him to be one of the most accurate and insightful astrologers that I've ever encountered. Shyam's work is illumined by his own deep spiritual experience and insight, and in his readings you sense his strong and clear connection to the Divine. His jyotish work is his humble expression of service to the world. I have known many students and seekers who have benefited, both from his wisdom and his clear insight and knowledge of vedic astrology.

John Osborne

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