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Astrology Prediction for US Presidential Election

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Disclaimer: I am neither democratic nor republican. These are purely an analysis based on vedic astrology. Have fun reading them

All the polls indicate Mr.Biden is leading President Trump in the upcoming election. Let us look at what the stars are indicating.

Both Trump and Biden are running Jupiter period that is favorable for winning elections and achieving powerful positions in the government. Both Obama and Clinton also came to power when they were running Jupiter periods. A strong Saturn is required to become an elected official. Obama, Trump, Pence, Biden, Clinton and Bush - All had Saturn favorably impacting their house of profession. The fact that both Trump and Biden are running Jupiter periods makes it harder to predict as who will win the Presidential Election.

Mr Trump has a powerful house of profession with 8 out of 9 planets supporting the house of profession. His main planet Sun is also in the house of profession bringing him continued success and protects him from loosing what he already achieved. Mr Trump is running Jupiter major period and Saturn minor from 1/5/2019 through 7/19/2021. This is not a great period for Mr. Trump. His worst period being from 12/3/2019 through 6/20/2020. He was pretty close to getting ousted through impeachment and the corona virus didn't help him either. However since 9/6/2020, his time is getting better and could continue to get better further from 10/30/2020.

Mr Biden is running Jupiter major Rahu minor period from 4/27/2020. Jupiter is in the 9th house, house of luck and Rahu is in the 10th house, house of profession. Owner of 10th house is in the Ascendant along with Venus, aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. This is pretty powerful position to win the election.

So net-net, the race is going to be pretty close to call. However we can break the tie by comparing the horoscopes of their running mates, VP Mike Pence and Sen Kamala Harris. Sen Harris is running Rahu-Mercury and these periods are not connected any way to the house of profession or success. Mike Pence is running Mercury-Rahu period(interestingly, that both of them are running similar periods), where Mercury owns the house of power and position.

So looking at all these horoscopes, I believe Trump is ever so slightly in favor of winning the election.

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