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Millionaires don't need Astrologers, Billionaires do

This is a famous quote attributed to J P Morgan. Have you ever wondered why he said this? The more critical the decisions and the impact of the decisions, the more factors you want to consider when making decisions. Those who care about their future, carefully plan their activities to be successful. They will analyze various scenarios to make the best out of their life. Astrology is the only tool that can give you some perspective as which direction your life may go. There are several tools available for businesses to predict their future. Tell me one business that operates without future projection? And tell me how many people use future projection in their personal life?

Now you may say businesses are using historical data to predict the future. How does astrology help you as an individual ? Astrology is actually based on historical data. Ancient astrologers who discovered the ground rules of astrology found these through potentially observing the planets and their impact on humans. I have found similar patterns create similar outcomes in different peoples lives. Astrologers actually use data they have collected through reading people's horoscopes in the past to give you future predictions. Like business future projection, not all conditions may line up exactly and the accuracy may vary. However astrology is like businesses predicting future sales. It is a planning tool that can help you improve your life.

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