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Democratic Primary (originally published on 6/21/2019)

Disclaimer: I am neither democratic nor republican. These are purely an analysis based on vedic astrology. Have fun reading them

So I have been going through the horoscopes of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. Surprisingly, they have many things in common in their horoscopes. Coincidently all three of them are running Jupiter period (No wonder, they are all fighting to become the next president of the USA and at present have the best chance among them). All three of them have Rahu sitting in their 10th house along with Sun or Sun owning the 10th house. When Obama won in 2008, he was also running the Jupiter period. Joe Biden is running Jupiter-Rahu, Trump running Jupiter-Saturn and Bernie running Jupiter-Mercury. Relatively, Jupiter-Mercury is the best period. From that perspective, Bernie does have a chance. From a pure horoscope strength perspective, Trump outweighs all of them. Trump is the only person to have two Yoga Karaka (The most beneficial planets in a horoscope) very strong and strategically placed in the horoscope.

So in the Democratic primary, it may be a fight between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. The strength of their horoscopes are very close to each other and it is almost impossible to predict who would get the nomination. However, after closer analysis, I believe Joe Biden could get the nomination. I have used an ancient Vedic technique called "Ashta Varga". This allocates points based on the relative position of planets. Joe Biden gets 35 for power and position, while Trump gets 34. Bernie only gets 29. 29 points indicate a relatively successful person, not successful enough to be the president of the USA. Have fun reading the analysis!

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