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Yogas that will bestow huge financial success

Everyone is looking for financial success in their life. The extent of ones success in life can be gauged by the position of planets in their horoscope. One can further extend their luck by taking precautions aligned with their horoscopes. For eg: People with weak mercury should be very careful in taking financial risks. All speculative investments are not advised if Mercury is not well placed in their horoscope. Similarly one should not make any speculative investments in Saturn period unless Saturn is in the11th house. Even then Saturn doesn't support speculative gains. If 2 and 11th lords are either connected or in favorable houses with favorable aspect, one could become very rich. In Jeff Bezos' horoscope, these two planets are together in the 11th house, with one in its own house and the other exalted. Similarly 2nd lord in 5/9th or 5/9 lord in second house also makes one earn a lot of money during the periods of these planets. Any planet that is strong and placed in the 11th house could make the native earn a lot of money during the period of those planets. Exceptions are when the planet owns the 12th house.

There are certain combinations that can prevent even the best monetary combinations from helping you. These are Saturn in Asc, 2nd or 9th house. Asc lord very weak and is placed in 6/8/12. These combinations create obstacles and prevents one from achieving full success as far as financial matters are concerned. A learned astrologer can precisely advise you as how to maximize your luck in terms of earning money.

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