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Relationship and Astrology

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Astrology is very widely used across the world for generations to find a compatible partner. However, the current process is flawed as it looks at only a few components. Most astrologers use either Sun signs or Moon signs. Some others use both or include Mars and Venus. However, seldom they understand the impact of various other planets in the horoscope and how they influence relationships. For eg: Each planet can be strong or weak, favorable or unfavorable. A strong Sun acts differently than a weak Sun. Many astrologers take into consideration, the time of the day and the month of the year in arriving at the prediction, however, there is another dimension to astrology predictions - That is the age of the person. During the life of a person, he or she will undergo different planetary periods, adding up to 120 years. These periods considerably alter the characteristics of a person during their periods. So if you want to get a true read of yourself and your relationship, you need to understand the effect of planetary periods during your lifetime. If you want to get a deeper understanding of yourself and your love life please sign up on our booking page.

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