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Trump 2016 Win (originally published in FB on 2/27/2016)

Disclaimer: I am neither democratic nor republican. These are purely an analysis based on vedic astrology. Have fun reading them

Looks like Trump is going to win Republican nomination based on vedic astrology. Between Ted Cruze, Rubio and Trump, Trump has one of the best horoscopes. He has Leo Ascendant rising with Rahu and Sun in the 10th. This combination can bring forward a King who is very much focused on doing what he thinks is right. This combination is also influenced by Jupiter from the Second house, giving it further power. Trump will run Jupiter period from 11/2016 onward and if anything his fortunes will continue to rise. Mars in ascendant provides Trump with the ability to push through obstacles with immense power. He is a force to reckon with even in the General Elections based on the good periods he is running.

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